The Vision

ContentKid is a mobile app concept that would allow users to get micro-subscriptions – short periods of premium-level access – to their favorite digital content services (newspapers, magazines, anything that's behind a paywall).

The company faced one problem: Although the idea had great potential, the ContentKid team knew they could more easily get buy-in from investors, partners, and stakeholders if they could just demonstrate their idea in more than just a pitch deck.

ContentKid came to us for an interactive prototype that looked and felt just like a real iPad app, but didn't have the inner workings of their full idea.

The ContentKid App Home Screen Design by Moonbase Labs
The ContentKid app home screen.

The Results

We designed the ContentKid experience and delivered a fully interactive and polished prototype that worked on any iPad. In addition, we helped the ContentKid team create a demonstration video to help communicate their vision.

Check out the video below. (If you're on a desktop, you can click around the interactive prototype here.)

If and when ContentKid raises the support they need to move forward, we'll be here to pick up where they left off in pursuing the vision they have to be the "One Login to Rule Them All!"

The Takeaway

Interactive prototypes can help sell a good idea, rule out a bad idea, or simply run through a series of ideas before investing in a full software development project.

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